Introducing Our First Bouvier

AKC & CKC Ch. Oscy's Tanandabear Of Sunset,


November 16, 1987- March 3, 1998

(Ch. Oscy Faisca VD Vanenblikhoeve X Ch. Kearen-Mistique of Sunset)
Breeders Louis and Ada Van Ryswyk, Sunset Kennels

Tana with Gary

Tana's first points, with Handler Gary Cooper

Tana in Obedience

Tana qualifying for first leg in Obedience.

Tana was a very difficult puppy to raise in the beginning. She was independent and determined to be the one in charged. She was our alpha dog. The other dogs knew she was in charge and wouldn't argue with her, but yet they still liked playing with her and had a lot of respect for her. She was at the same time dominant and gentle.

She was very loving and obedient. She gave you the feeling that she listens to you and obeys you by choice. I never had her argue with me, but I'm sure she believed she was in charge, just choosing to obey. To me, the look on her face in her obedience picture above says, I'm doing this only because she wants me to. She was so very intelligent. When we were doing obedience work, I could actually see in her eyes that she was thinking through the commands that she wasn't sure of, trying to figure out what I was asking of her.

She was one terrific and very special dog. Everyone who really knew her loved her. They say she was their favorite of all my Bouviers. Probably because she commands respect for her authority, intelligence and power and yet was still loving and obedient. However, those who don't know her, or rather whom she doesn't know, I suppose, would be intimidated by her. She's energetic, protective, very intense, and has a huge emotional range.

Tana was our first Bouvier. She taught me a lot about being a dog owner. She had a way of making herself more than just a pet, she became a member of the family. She has forever changed my thinking and belief concerning being a responsible dog owner.

SAD NOTE: When we lost our Tana, we knew the emptiness left by her passing could never be filled. We are very fortunate to have had her in our lives. The tears and pain of losing her are from the joy of knowing her and having her in our lives. Though she can never be replaced, we are lucky to have had her in our lives and all our other Bouviers to soften our loss.


Tana's Kids

Tana had one litter of nine puppies, Born January 11, 1993

(Ch. Quiche's Nite Ryder X Ch. Oscy's Tanandabear of Sunset)

Am. & Can. Ch. Cam's Ricca Shea Ryder, TT



Shea was a bright, active, and intelligent girl and lots of fun to have around the house. She loved sitting in my lap. She also loved the challenge of learning new things. She was a joy to train with all her enthusiasm. Shea lived to be almost 16 years old, amazing! She certainly was a very special girl. To visit Shea's page click here.

Am. & Can. Ch. Cam's Simone of Nite Ryder, TT, OFA



Simone was Shea's littermate. Intelligent with a mind of her own just like her mother (Tana). She wanted things to go her way. She finished her Canadian Championship with a Group 3 out of classes. Simone had a litter of puppies, three of them were shown: Canadian Ch. Cam's Hobo Boxcar Willie ("Hobo") owned by Mac and JoAnne McCann from Canada, Am. & Can. Ch. Cam's Bodacious Beauty ("Bubbles") owned by Jan Birmbaum from Saginaw, MI, and Cam's Elle owned by Kristi Nagalkirk from Holland, MI.

Am. & Can. Ch. Cam's Montana Ghost Ryder



Nic with Owner/Handler, Carol A. Peterson

Nic and Shea are littermates

Nic and Shea
Since Carol and I are friends, we often went to shows together.

Nic was owned by Carol Peterson of Mason, MI. She was a first time Bouvier owner/handler. Nic finished both his American and Canadian Championship before he was 14 months old. He also won Best of Opposite at the 1994 Michigan Specialty (BdFC Of SEM).