CKC Ch. Cam's Mataya Lee


August 8, 1997 - May 11, 2007
(Ch. Yoscano-Gingy VD Lage Banken X Ch. Quiche's Brianna Lee De Cam, TT)


Mataya - our sassy brat, our sweetie.

Mataya was born in a litter of 10 puppies. Her daddy, Yoscano, was an import from the Netherlands and her mother was Brianna. She was so darling that her litter name was Princess before we renamed her Mataya. She did not like strangers or kids. If she knew you, you were welcome to come in our house, if not then you weren't allowed. She was very loving and devoted to us. She would come up to me while I was sitting (usually at my computer) and just stand next to me, very quietly, until I would notice her and then she would wag her whole butt and I would give her a big hug. Such a beautiful face.
Oscar was her favorite canine friend. They were always together. One night around 7:00 Mataya started barking and wouldn't quit, barking was very unusual for her. We let her and Oscar outside thinking she needed to go out and let them back in. She still continued to bark and bark until about midnight. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her - why she was barking so much - until the next morning. When we gave Oscar his breadfast he would eat and he was very weak. Mataya was trying to tell us that Oscar was sick. Oscar (12 years old) had hemangiosarcoma which we didn't know. But she knew how sick he was. Mataya really missed her Oscar. This was the first time I witnessed a dog grieve the loss of another dog.

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Mataya Mataya
June 19 - Algoma Dog Fanciers
Judge: Mr. R. Cole
July 4 - Sarnia Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. H. Glendening
Mataya Mataya
July 6 - Bluewater Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. H. Hutchison
July 8 - Bluewater Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. M. Chaloux